Worklife balance & Wellness programmes

Work-life balance is the lack of opposition between work and other life roles. It is the state of equilibrium in which demands of personal life, professional life, and family life are equal

Course Overview


What is work-life balance? As per Wikipedia, “Work-life balance is the lack of opposition between work and other life roles. It is the state of equilibrium in which demands of personal life, professional life, and family life are equal”.


How important is it to achieve a work-life balance? Harmonizing your work and life is important for retaining good health, and to increase your yield and satisfaction at work. In this competitive corporate culture, many of us tend to lead a very unbalanced life.


Establishing a balance at work and in our personal life can be challenging. Individuals who live lives out of this balance are at greater risk for burnouts, ill-health, and absenteeism. And those employees with better-balanced life live a happier, satisfied, and more productive life at work and in their families.


Both these aspects of life are very important for healthy success and demand your attention, time, and energy. Participants who learn these life skills tend to become healthier, both mentally and physically.


They strike a balance and learn to draw boundaries and enjoy a satisfying lifestyle. Attaining a work-life balance will improve your attitude and helps you look at life stress-free.


Eminentia Global Concept has specially designed this program to empower participants on how to manage your work life in the best possible manner.


A good work-life balance is accompanied by delegation skills, time management skills, skills to set the right level of priorities, and stress management skills to create harmony and health in the lives of individuals.


These topics will be covered in depth in this special program. During this training program, you will also learn ways to focus on priority tasks, set SMART goals at work, and communicate more effectively at work and with members in the family and society.


This program will equip you in managing your time more effectively and efficiently at work so you deliver productive results and have space and time for other activities in life as well.


Course Objectives


Upon the completion of the Work-Life Balance and wellness Training Program, the participants of this program will be able to:


• Realize the advantages of a work-life balance


• Identify the signs of an unbalanced life and the effects of it


• Learn the techniques for a balanced lifestyle


• Learn to communicate effectively and draw boundaries


• Learn time management skills by setting the right priorities


• Develop their goal-setting Skills


• Balance and handle work and personal stress differently


• Become more productive at their workplaces


• Develop effective and smart work methods


• Improve life and health by creating a good balance


Training Methodology


With experienced and professional experts and trainers on this subject, Eminentia Global Concept has designed this training program on Work-Life Balance for people from all facets and areas of life.


This workshop will offer practice tools and techniques to develop a well-distributed balance in work and daily life. A tailored made program can be designed based on individual requirements.


This program will have group discussions, team games, activities, and role-plays based on the learnings. Participants from different cultures will share their experiences from different walks of life.


Organisational Benefits


Employees who participate in this Work-Life Balance Training Program will add the below values to their organization:


• There is an increased productivity


• A lower rate of absenteeism is noticed


• The workforce is happier and less stressed


• There is an improvement in employee health and well-being


• There is greater employee loyalty, commitment, and motivation


• Increased accountability among the employees is noticed


• There are better teamwork and communication between employees


• There are improved morale and overall satisfaction


• Increased engagement is noticed with greater commitment levels


• There is lesser emotional exhaustion at the workplace


• There is a reduces staff turnover


Personal Benefits


Personal Benefits of attending the Work-Life Balance Training Program are as follows:


• There is overall reduced stress in life


• There is greater support for family life and responsibilities


• Individuals get the time to pursue further education


• It enables them to get involved in social and volunteer efforts


• There is better time management among individuals


• There is personal growth in their lives


• Individuals are better focused on tasks assigned to them


• There is greater engagement in social life


• Drastic improvement is noticed in personal health & welfare


Who Should Attend?


Individuals looking to have a better balance of their lives, and those who would like to manage their time in a better way should register for this program.


The Work-Life Balance workshop is for Professionals, executives, team leaders, and those who have a challenge with balancing their work time, personal time, and setting their priorities.


All corporates who feel burdened and burnout due to stress and work responsibilities should undertake this specially designed program.