Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing are two business functions within an organization -- they both impact lead generation and revenue.

Course Overview

Do you see your business revenue staggering because the sales and marketing departments exist in silos? Do you want to see a substantial improvement in the revenue and performance metrics of these departments? The misalignment in the sales and marketing department is a common phenomenon around the globe. This is the trend despite the fact that the goals of both the departments are the same- to secure business and support the company’s growth. What is Sales and Marketing Management? While marketing is a holistic process designed to enhance awareness of the brand or products or services to the target market and customers; Sales is a short-term process where the salesperson is in direct contact with prospective customer or end-user. There is a need for these two functions to unite so that there is no missed opportunity, and they empower each other. This course offered by Eminentia Global Concept will focus on the need to align the functions of sales and marketing so that there are no missed opportunities and oversight that might impact the bottom line. This will help the companies not only acquire but also retain and grow the business with the stakeholders in an effective manner.


Course Objectives

This Sales and Marketing Management Training Course will meet the following objectives:

• Create alignment in Sales and Marketing functions – nationally and internationally

• Get the members of these departments to connect emotionally with each other

• Ensure process alignments to avoid any duplicity of effort

• Generate a feedback loop for clarity amongst the teams Training Methodology To maximise the growth opportunities for your business, this program offered by Eminentia Global Concept will help in the acquisition of skills to overcome challenges of the real business world, question presumptions and think of the newer ways of doing business. It will rely on interactive presentation and other classroom activities by an expert from the same field. Case studies, Roleplays, and group discussions will be used to lead the participants to work towards a mindset of growth and accomplishing the objectives together.


Organisational Benefits

The benefits that the organisation will get from this Certificate in Sales and Marketing Management Training Course are:

• Align the motivation of the individuals in the teams with the goals of the company

• Build teams in sales and marketing which are self-directed and empowered

• Equip your teams with the right tools required for alignment and success

• Increase in ROI

• Increase Customer Retention

• Increased employee engagement

• Working collaboratively on the achievement of common goals

• Better management of conflicts

• Increase in retention rate

• Better work culture


Personal Benefits

The personal benefits that you will get from this Sales and Marketing Management Training program are:

• Opportunity to explore the perceived limitations of self

• Build new, consistent and sustainable habits for better results

• Lead by example • Learn from each other

• Become an expert from both marketing and sales perspective

• Understanding of the other’s point of view

• Enhance collaboration

• Increase productivity

• Better Time management

• Reduced Attrition


Who Should Attend?

This certificate course must be attended by


• C – Level Executives

• Marketing Director

• Sales Director

• GM/AGM/HOD-Sales

• GM/AGM/HOD-Marketing

• Sales Professionals

• Marketing Professionals

• Support Staff associated with these two functions

• Anyone who would like to make career in Sales and Marketing


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