Performance Management

Performance Management system in the organisation will increase the levels of satisfaction, motivation, and rate of retention in the organisation? Performance Management is critical to the success of any business

Course Overview

Do you believe that objective performance management system will lead to the business growth of your organisation?

Do you believe that a structured Performance Management system in the organisation will increase the levels of satisfaction, motivation, and rate of retention in the organisation? Performance Management is critical to the success of any business. It is a continuous process of managing the performance of the employees as soon as they enter the organisation. The focus here is to plan and align the goals of the employees to strategic goals of the organisation, review and assess progress, and develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities of people. So, how does performance management help the appraisee and the appraiser? It provides a space of open discussion amongst the appraisee and the appraiser to advance career and strengthens the relationship of the manager and the employee. With the changing times, as well as the change in the mindset of the employees, it has become critical to manage the life cycle of an employee into the business with more transparent and open policies, uniform reward and promotion decisions. While also encouraging them for further learning and growth which leads to a positive mindset in their job satisfaction, motivation and performance. This course on Effective Performance Management training by Eminentia Global Concept will help you evaluate the efficiency of the organisation’s Performance Management System and work towards aligning it with the business objectives. This course will further equip the participants with the right knowledge, skills, and attitude towards paving a path of growth and success for their own team members and business.

Course Objectives

This course will empower you to:

• Understand the importance, purpose, and impact of a strong and robust Performance Management on the culture and growth of the organisation

• Creating and implementing a robust process of performance management

• Strategize and align the performance management framework to culture, business growth, and other related systems – namely Career Development, Career Ladder and Succession Planning

• Understanding key behaviour required to promote performance management rather than conducting the exercise of performance appraisal as a ritual

• Using the Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Tool in measuring Performance

• Understand how to be on the look-out for average and poor performers to guide and motivate them timely to become better performers

• Learn the ways to set the expectations right through objective goal-setting, KRA, and KPI

• Understand how to reward for good performance – both financially and non-financially

• Understand the importance of transparent and open communication for satisfaction and retention in the team • Learn how to coach and share constructive feedback

• Preparing self for reviewing the team members


Training Methodology

We at Eminentia Global Concept will employ a variety of proven adult learning methods to ensure comprehension and retention of the information presented. This will include interactive presentation, discussions, videos, case studies, role plays and exercises.


Organisational Benefit

The organisation will reap the following benefits by taking this course:

• Increased employee satisfaction

• Increase in the rate of retention

• Culture of transparency and performance

• Uniform and fair policies • Growth in business


Personal Benefits

The employees who will experience this training will get the following benefits:

• Understand how to handle team effectively

• Understanding the strengths, and weaknesses of the team members

• Have better communication with team members

• Help team members grow and develop by setting expectations and sharing regular feedback

• Lead a motivated team


Who Should Attend?

Eminentia Global Concept recommends this course for:

• Senior Leadership and Management Team

• C – Level Executives

• Department Heads

• Team Managers

• Team Supervisors

• Quality Assurance/ Audit Professionals

• Project Management Head

• HR Head / HR Manager / HR Executives

• People with leadership potential


Duration: 2-3days